Residential Fire Damage


What to Do When Your Washing Machine Floods Your Home

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Residential Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

A simple spark can quickly engulf your entire home. Luckily, when the unthinkable happens, Integrity Restoration is there with certified, caring professionals to help you clean-up the damage and rebuild your life. Since we work with every insurance provider and promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that you and your family will be taken care of.

The Most Common Causes of
Residential Fire Damage


Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are three times as common as any other fire.

Electrical Malfunctions

It’s all too easy to overload a power source or run current through unsafe wiring.

Heating Malfunctions

Anything that generates heat can cause a fire, so pay special attention to boilers, radiators, and the like.


Candles, curling irons, clothes dryer lint traps. We’re all human and accidents happen.

Natural Disasters

In this day and age, forest fires can’t be underestimated and lightning strikes are more common than you’d think.

Arson & Vandalism

Sometimes even simple mischief can pose a real threat.


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    Fires, floods, and heavy-duty clean up jobs can be scary. But we’re here to get the mess
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! We work with every single insurance provider, so you’re definitely covered.

    Each project is unique. Give us a call for a fast, personalized quote.

    Depending on the extent of the damage and contamination, water or fire damage restoration can take anywhere from a single day to about a week.

    Yes! All of our restoration professionals are fully licensed and insured. Plus, if you’re not satisfied, we have a 100% money back guarantee.

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