My Water Heater Burst! Now What?

My Water Heater Burst! Now What?

Hot water heaters are the silent workhorses of our homes. We don’t even notice them until something goes wrong. And sometimes things go terribly wrong. If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a total explosion of your water heater, chances are you won’t find out until you’re ankle deep in water. You’ll find yourself wading through not only your flooded home, but also panic and anxiety. What do you even do at a time like this? Well, let’s break it down, so you can be prepared, minimize damage, and make the restoration process as smooth as possible.

1. Don’t Panic

No doubt, a burst water heater is one of the more stressful events a homeowner can experience. Especially when your living space, the health of your family, and your cherished belongings are at risk. The most important thing to remember to do is take a deep breath and remain calm. Once you’ve steadied yourself, you can act quickly to make effective steps toward resolving the issue.

2. Shut Off the Water

The first thing you need to do is stop the flooding. That means turning off the water supply to the heater. This is done simply by rotating the cold water supply valve. if the valve can’t be opened due to corrosion, hard water build up, or any other reason, shut off the main water supply to your home. Pro Tip: It’s important to familiarize yourself with the main elements of your water heater as well as know where your main water supply is. Keep a laminated sheet with this information and any other important information in case you find yourself in this situation. In the worst case scenario, if you can’t shut off the water, give your local utilities company a call to shut off the water.

3. Cut the Power and/or Gas

Water is an extraordinary conductor of electricity. Since water heaters are eclectic appliances, make sure you safely cut off the power to the heater and any affected areas of the home to prevent electrocution. Electrical current isn’t the only danger here. Even without water, heating elements can still be running which can cause fires or burns. If your water heater is gas powered, you will also need to shut off the line contributing to your tank, as free-flowing gas poses both respiratory risks and could start a fire. If you’re not able to identify these lines or aren’t able to break the circuit or stop the gas, evacuate everyone from the home and call 9-1-1 immediately. Pro Tip: Make sure circuits breakers and gas lines are clearly labeled for times like this.

4. Secure Important Articles

Once the water is turned off, make sure you’re able to collect any important family items that may be at risk from the flooding. Try to prioritize documents like deeds and birth certificates of keepsakes. Pro Tip: Keep important family records and cherished valuables in water-proof safes or dry boxes.

5. Take Tons Pictures

Unfortunately, you won’t only be dealing with the immediate cleanup of a flood from a water heater, you’ll also be managing your insurance claim to cover the cost of damages. The best way to maximize your covered costs is to document the scene with pictures. Pro Tip: Integrity Restoration works with every single home insurance provider, so you can rest assured you’re covered.

6. Call a Restoration Service

The flood from a hot water heater can’t be mitigated with a load of towels and a mop. Plus, when water is left to stand, mold can grow and the structural integrity of your home. can be threatened. Call a well-reputed restoration service that can protect your loved ones and that has the tools and expertise to make this disaster like it never even happened. Pro Tip: Keep the number for a restoration and a repair service by your water heater for easy access during emergencies. Integrity Restoration’s is (951) 561-6270.

Let’s Get to Work

Of course, the best way to mitigate water damage from a broken water heater is to make sure your heater is regularly inspected, up to code, and replaced promptly at the end of its life. But, accidents will always happen. Thankfully, Integrity Restoration is here to support you and your family through times just like this. Our response is immediate and we take care of every last detail. If you’re “under water” due to a water heater leak, don’t hesitate and give us a call.Visit our partners,shoes – leaders in fashionable footwear!

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